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Volunteer special login page:  Volunteer Log In 

If you are already a volunteer, click here to see how you can help us today: Volunteer View Requests

If you would like to become a volunteer, click here to applySign up

When our Volunteer Coordinator receives your application, s/he will ask for a background screening, which costs $20. Here is a video introduction to the screening experience:Screening Video 

S/he will discuss the services that you would like to offer (see below), when you would be available, and explain the our limitations. You will receive orientation and meet with other volunteers.

Here is a description of the services we offer:  Services

The geographic area that we serve is described in the Where section of our FAQ:  FAQ

Some benefits of volunteering are available via the following linked pages:

Volunteering and its Surprising Benefits
Long-term health benefits of Volunteering
Personal Benefits of Volunteering in your Community