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TENT Members are eligible to receive services from TENT Volunteers. Here are the services currently available:  Services

Individual Membership for one person.
Household Membership for two or three persons in the same location.

Member fees can be paid either yearly or monthly.
Monthly    Yearly
Individual $32 $350
Household    $40 $450

Apply here:  Membership Application Form

After you apply, our Membership Coordinator will contact you. A Volunteer will visit you in your residence to explain what we do and how we request and deliver services.

TENT initial service offerings consist of transportation (to and from appointments or for errands such as trips to the store or event), phone check-in to see how people are doing, reading, minor home repairs and garden work, caregiver relief, computer and technology support, pet care, meal preparation, social/home visits and invitations to TENT-sponsored public programs.

TENT generally will provide services within a 15 mile radius from Taos Plaza, which means that it will serve, subject to the availability of its volunteer staff, Taos and the surrounding areas of El Prado, Arroyo Seco, Ranchos de Taos, Talpa, Llano Quemado, and Arroyo Hondo.